Commercial LED Lighting

LED Lighting has been one of the most impactful technologies to improve energy efficiency over the past
decade. This one technology alone has helped our clients collectively save over £1m in energy costs
which is huge!

We have an internal lighting design team who will create a bespoke project design not only to reduce
your energy costs but to dramatically improve your lighting levels and working environment.

Commercial Lighting

Lighting House has LED lighting solutions for all types and sizes of business premises. From retrofit LED replacement installs to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs to refurbishments and new builds our experienced team will handle your office project from start to finish.

The difference that a LED lighting can being to an office place is unenviable and necessary. The saving it will bring can be utilised to help in many other needs. The difference will be felt after the service is provided.

An energy efficiency audit will give you knowledge of how much you can be saving by switching to our LED lighting in each room.

Save on your Commercial Lighting

Find out how much you could save by requesting a call from our friendly team.