Industrial LED Lighting

Companies are under pressure to maximise energy-efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety across their business operations. Lighting House is positioned to help you achieve all three with the installation of high-efficiency LED lighting.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing facility or building a new one, the advantages of LED are unrivalled..

  • LED lighting is at the centre of a revolutionary change in the way we light our commercial and industrial environment. With businesses wanting to save money where they can, LED’s and High Bay Luminaires are being used in warehouses as solutions to saving money and reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint.
  • LED lighting in warehouses is becoming even more popular with organisations finding themselves saving up to 75% on their energy bills. One major benefit to switching to LED’s lighting is that the bulbs give off minimal heat whereas a standard incandescent bulb gives off 90% heat which is wasted. In an industrial environment, this can cost the business more money as they are having to use ventilation or air conditioning units to combat the heat inside warehouses and factories.
  • High bay LED lights are used when the ceilings are high and illumination is required of 15 feet or more, they last up to 10 times longer than CFL and fluorescent lights too. They are also very durable – durable to the point where they’re pretty much damage-proof and essentially maintenance-free. Simply put, these lights don’t bust easily.

LED lighting is also easier on the eyes, traditional light bulbs tend to flicker which can be disruptive to the eye, whereas high bay LED lamps immediately give you the desired lighting you want, no matter how many times they are turned on and off.

It is a fact that LED lighting distributes light better than traditional forms, many reports an 8% increase in light uniformity with high bay LED lighting compared to others as well as lesser light distortion and minimal static buildup.

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