Office LED Lighting

Lighting House has office LED lighting solutions for all types of office needs. From retrofit LED replacement to energy efficient installs and new lighting designs. our experienced lighting design team will handle your office project from start to finish.

Our experienced design team can provide detailed lighting designs and energy calculations to ensure a
desired and required illumination level is met and reduced energy usage to save costs on your energy bills.

According to the US department of energy switching to LED lights will save hundreds of millions of tons of
greenhouse gases from getting into the atmosphere.

Benefits of LED Lighting

  • LED lighting one of the best options when you want to save on your energy bill and help the environment.
  • They last for 50,000 – 100,000 hours this equals to just under 20 years. Most of our light’s come with a minimum 5- year warranty.
  • The change to LED lighting can help your staff, studies show that lighting can affect the way people work. A place with higher quality light is shown to improve workers focus, give them more energy and they felt better about their job.
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Save on your Office Lighting

Find out how much you could save by requesting a call from our friendly team.