Yesoiday Hatorah Multi Academy Trust

Project Introduction

Following an audit of the Yesoiday Hatorah Multi Academy Trust we identified the existing lighting was using and wasting huge amounts of energy per year and proposed an LED Lighting Installation funded through an energy efficiency fund available to the school. 

By replacing all the existing lights with LED lighting we reduced their energy spend on lighting by £12,433 per year, as opposed to their previous annual energy cost of £17,043!

What We Know

Daily Operating Hours10
Days of Operation195
Total Operating Hours1,950

Projected Savings

By upgrading their existing lighting system to energy efficient LED lighting, Yesoiday Hatorah Multi Academy Trust have achieved the following savings:

Current electricity spend on lighting

£ 17,043.88

Annual spend following installation of our premium LED Luminaires

£ 4,610.04

Total Saving                                                 

£ 12,433.84

Electricity Savings In Summary



kWh Reduction

% kWh Reduction


£ 12,433.84

 87747.66 kWh


Before After

‘Liam and his hardworking team at Lighting House installed new LED lighting across the whole of our primary school. They were helpful, polite, tidy and very flexible. I was extremely impressed by the high quality job they produced and the pride in delivering work to a high finish they displayed. The highly professional manner in which they worked ensured that they completed ahead of time. I would highly recommend them.’

Glyn Roberts - Head Of School - Shiptston On Stour Primary School

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